Share your #MezcalLiquidCourage story!

Upload a video toast to a positive connection you had with someone from a different background than your own, and share it on your social media platforms with the phrase:  "I just shared my #MezcalLiquidCourage story, what's yours?"

Stephanie Gardner Films in conjunction with "The Mezcal Trilogy" is doing a video community project to promote friendships (or more... wink wink...) across cultures. Our aim is to connect people regardless of backgrounds, upbringing, languages, location (or regional alcohol consumed), and despite all barriers; so we are proposing that you post a short video about a positive connection or moment you had with someone from a different culture than your own. We're looking for a personalized 30 - 90 second video toast that describes a cross culture connection you fondly remember, or wish you could have. We'd love for you to toast with mezcal, but feel free to toast with your favorite beverage, alcoholic (21 and over only in U.S.) or not (soda, water, coffee, you name it!), and please link along with the hashtag,

#MezcalLiquidCourage.  Salud!